Thermo Fisher and NIBRT Link Up for Characterization Project

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Thermo will provide access to its instruments to NIBRT so that the Dublin-based group can generate helpful characterization data.

The National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training (NBIRT) will use Thermo Fisher Scientific’s columns, consumables, liquid chromatography systems, and mass spectrometers for research on biopharmaceutical characterization, Thermo announced on June 23, 2016. NIBRT will develop analytical workflows and contribute insights to improve the technology, simplify analysis, and generate informative characterization data on complex biopharmaceuticals.

NIBRT’s findings and analytical methods will be uploaded to the Thermo Scientific AppLab library so that scientists can download these workflows directly to their instruments. The goal of the cloud-based app is to simplify analysis for those using Thermo machines and provide these scientists with characterization data to use as a training tool to understand complex molecules more thoroughly.


Source: Thermo Fisher Scientific