Teva, Insilico Partner on Predictive Biomanufacturing Technology

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Teva will apply Insilico’s technology for predictive biomanufacturing to create more efficient biomanufacturing processes.

On Feb. 21, 2019, Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries and Insilico Biotechnology, a Germany-based biotechnology company, announced an agreement to apply Insilico’s technology for predictive biomanufacturing that will create and implement more efficient production processes for Teva’s biopharmaceutical therapeutics.

The growing demand for high-quality biopharmaceuticals such as monoclonal antibodies requires increasingly efficient and robust production technologies, Insilico reports. Simultaneously, the digital transformation of the biopharmaceutical sector generates significant amounts of data from bioprocessing that present high-value opportunities for solutions using predictive biomanufacturing.

Insilico’s predictive biomanufacturing technology, Digital Twins, employ metabolic models of producer organisms in combination with flexible process models and artificial intelligence to create optimized production processes by computational simulations.

“By complementing our process development capabilities with Insilico’s unique technology for digital bioprocess development, we can accomplish robust and efficient production of our biologics pipeline faster,” says Jason Bock, vice-president of Biologics CMC at Teva, in a company press release. “Saving experimental efforts and time perfectly fits the accelerated timelines in clinical development that we are seeing now and even more in the future.”


“We are proud to support Teva with our predictive solutions to speed-up the key steps in bioprocess development. The use of Insilico Digital Twins is able to transform the enormous wealth of process data generated every day into measurable improvements. We are absolutely convinced that this collaboration is a major step in predictive biomanufacturing and towards the future of biologics production,” added Klaus Mauch, CEO of Insilico Biotechnology, in the press release.

The collaboration will run for three years and will be based at Insilico's sites in Stuttgart, Germany, and at Teva’s West Chester, PA, location in the United States.

Source: Insilico Biotechnology