Takeda and Lightstone Ventures Launch Cerevance

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Takeda and Lightstone have launched Cerevance, a neuroscience company focused on developing therapeutics for neurological and psychiatric disorders.

On Dec. 2, 2016 Takeda and Lightstone Ventures announced the launch of Cerevance, a new neuroscience company focused on discovering and developing novel therapeutics for neurological and psychiatric disorders. Cerevance is funded with $36 million that includes a $21.5 million Series A financing investment from Takeda and Lightstone Ventures.

The company will use a new technology, created in the Howard Hughes Medical Institute laboratory of Nathaniel Heintz, PhD at the Rockefeller University. Takeda will jumpstart the new company by providing a 25-person neuroscience research team from its Cambridge, United Kingdom site, including industry laboratory space, and licenses to a portfolio of preclinical and clinical stage drug programs. Brad Margus has been appointed CEO of Cerevance. Cerevance will have sites in both Massachusetts and the United Kingdom.


Source: Takeda