Taconic Biosciences Launches Cage+ Contract Breeding Service

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Taconic Biosciences Cage+ colony management service aims to offer comprehensive coverage for contract breeding services.

Taconic Biosciences, a provider of drug discovery animal model solutions, announced its Cage+ product on Feb. 21, 2022. Cage+ is a holistic colony management model that is intended to offer comprehensive coverage for contract breeding services.

According to a company press release, project planning and management burden is often placed on investigators, who likely do not have the time or expertise to design and manage scaled production of complex animal models. Cage+ is meant to provide a solution to this, as it applies a holistic approach that combines standard animal breeding and husbandry elements with breeding design expertise, project-specific methodology, budget monitoring, and proactive project management and communication.

Additionally, the Cage+ program:

  • Uses expert-led embryology methods to expand breeding production
  • Delivers internationally harmonized animal health standards
  • Includes the eTACONIC web-based project management tool, which provides users 24/7 access to colony information.

“Researchers should demand better from contract breeding service providers, and this view is the driving factor behind our Cage+ stewardship-based approach to colony management solutions,” said John Couse, vice-president, scientific services, Taconic Biosciences, in the press release. “With Cage+, researchers will view Taconic as an extension of their team, leveraging the collaboration of scientists and experts. Our approach allows investigators to focus their time, energy, and resources on research while trusting their custom model animal development and production to Taconic.”

Source: Taconic Biosciences