Syngene Expands Microbial and Mammalian Manufacturing Facilities in Bengalaru

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Syngene’s additions include a new microbial facility and an expanded mammalian facility.

Syngene International, a contract research and development (CDMO) organization, announced that they have set up and commissioned two expansions to their facilities in Bengalaru, India. One is a new microbial facility, while the other is an expansion to their existing mammalian facility.

The new microbial facility has two fermenters that hold 200 L and 500 L volumes and will provide further integration opportunities with the company’s existing discovery and development capabilities, which will extend the company’s service offerings in good manufacturing practice (GMP) manufacturing of plasmid DNA and messenger RNA (mRNA).

An additional single-use 2000-L bioreactor will be added to the mammalian manufacturing facility, which is compliant with FDA and European Medicines Agency regulations, according to the company in a press release. This expansion builds on Syngene’s existing biopharmaceuticals manufacturing capability and is expected to strengthen their services for commercial supply.


“The recent investments have increased our production capabilities for bulk drug substance to meet the growing requirements from our expanding client base for end-to-end [C]GMP [current good manufacturing practice] clinical and commercial manufacturing.”said Jonathan Hunt, CEO and managing director of Syngene International, in the press release.“Use of digitalization and automation tools [such as] electronic quality records and digital signatures will not only help avoid the risk of human errors, but also decrease operational costs and improve time-to-market.

Source: Syngene