Switzerland-Based CDMO ten23 health Launches

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CDMO ten23 health aims to support companies developing injectable biopharmaceutical drugs.

A new global contract development and manufacturing organization, ten23 health, announced its launch on Sept. 1, 2021. Financed through the 3i group, the company aims to support biotech start-ups and established pharmaceutical customers in developing safe injectable biopharmaceutical drugs.

The company will be headquartered out of a 4000 m² shared lab and office building in Basel, Switzerland, which will provide space for approximately 150 full-time employees. According to the press release, ten23 health intends to offer holistic design and development services with specific service offerings, including development roadmaps, de-risking strategies, and support throughout execution.

“There is a significant unmet need in the life sciences market,” said CEO Hanns–Christian Mahler in a company press release. “The number and complexity of molecules and novel therapeutic modalities are increasing. Medical research is facing growing challenges with respect to the stability, usability, and consistent manufacturing of medicines.”


The company is named after the Avogadro constant, a numeric value for the number of molecules in a sample of one mol: 6.022 times 1023.

Source: ten23 health