Sustainable Medicines Packaging Award Winners to be Announced at Connect in Pharma

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Connect in Pharma will host an awards ceremony to showcase innovations in sustainable pharmaceutical packaging.

YewMaker and Connect in Pharma have announced that the winners of the new Sustainable Medicines Packaging Award will be announced at an in-person awards ceremony at the Connect in Pharma event in Geneva on Sept. 14, 2022.

The new awards are run by YewMaker, a sustainable healthcare company. The awards will highlight and celebrate sustainable innovations in pharmaceutical packaging under two categories with a gold, silver, and bronze award in each. The two categories will focus on design and processes that reduce the overall impact on the environment.

“Collaboration and innovation are essential to delivering the changes needed to make sustainability core to how pharmaceutical packaging is designed and used,” said Nazneen Rahman, founder and CEO of YewMaker, in a press release. “By announcing the winners of these new awards at the Connect in Pharma conference this September, we can bring a sharper focus on sustainability innovations in the pharmaceutical industry.”


“We are very excited to be partnering with YewMaker to host these important awards at Connect in Pharma in Geneva,” added Renan Joel, divisional director at Connect in Pharma, in the release. “Connect in Pharma is designed to focus on innovation and technology in the pharma and biotech community, and sustainable medicine packaging design is an important area of innovation in the sector. We are delighted to be coupling innovation with sustainability while putting the future of the planet in the spotlight.”

Source: Connect in Pharma