Survey Demonstrates Upswing in Swedish Life Sciences Growth

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A recent survey by SwedenBIO has demonstrated a major upswing in the Swedish life science industry.

A recent survey by SwedenBIO—a national non-profit association—has demonstrated a major upswing in the Swedish life science industry. The results of the survey were revealed in a March 2, 2021 press release.

The survey targeted pharmaceutical development companies with operations in Sweden and found that a vast majority (80%) of those surveyed are planning on expanding with new hires in the coming year. Additionally, when comparing with survey results from a year ago, it was revealed that there was increased confidence in projecting future growth with 62% of those surveyed expressing a more positive view of projections now.

“The positive outcome of our follow-up survey is very encouraging for the future,” said Helena Strigård, director general, SwedenBIO, in the press release. “The results also confirm our belief that involvement with other global life science hot spots opens more opportunities for collaboration and drives growth. We have, in fact had several fruitful interactions with similar organizations in regions internationally, including California. Furthermore, the fact that overall, the disturbances due to COVID have been limited and that numerous Swedish companies have re-focused their development towards COVID-related tests or treatments, underscores the strength of the industry as a whole and how creative and dedicated our life science industry experts are.”


Further information about the survey and a special investment conference being held in April 2021 can be found on SwedenBIO’s website.

Source: SwedenBIO