Steriline’s Robotic Nest Filling Machine Enhances Drug R&D

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The company showcased its compact robotic nest filling machine at CPhI Worldwide 2019 on Nov.–7 in Frankfurt, Germany.

Steriline, a European manufacturer of complete lines for aseptic processing of injectable products, presented its Robotic Nest Filling Machine for Lab (RNFM–LAB), a compact robotic nest filling machine, for the first time outside of Italy at CPhI Worldwide 2019 on Nov. 5–7 in Frankfurt, Germany. The machine, first introduced in April 2019 at Pharmintech in Bologna, Italy, was especially designed for R&D purposes, according to the company.

The RNFM–LAB can be equipped with one or two dosing pumps and a stoppering system. It also provides manual tub loading/unloading and moves with a speed up to approximately 1000 pieces/h. It is exclusively intended for the research and development of new injectable drugs in nest (via syringes, cartridges, or vials) and it is able to perform all standard robotic filling operations.

“Our client request for this kind of robotic machine came from the need to define and maximize a new manufacturing process,” said Federico Fumagalli, chief commercial officer at Steriline, in a Nov 5, 2019 company press release. “[R]obotics was the perfect solution, in fact, to get an easier format change with just some software adjustments”.

“We always developed machines for production so far, since [R&D] is a very challenging sector and business. Companies ask for a support in this field just when they actually have something new to develop. In this case, our client chose us as their perfect partner to design and project together a new machine which could meet all their needs and satisfy all their requirements,” added Fumagalli in the press release.


In addition to CPhI Worldwide, the company is also exhibiting the machine at Pharmtech 2019 in Moscow, Russia, which runs Nov. 19–22, and at CPhI & P-MEC in Delhi, India, which runs Nov. 26–28.

Source: Sterline