Spectrum Chemical Launches New bioCERTIFIED Products

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Spectrum Chemical is adding twelve products to its bioCERTIFIED product line.

Spectrum Chemical, a supplier of fine chemicals and laboratory equipment, announced twelve new products in its bioCERTIFIED product line on March 15, 2022. Launched in 2019, bioCERTIFIED is a quality management system and chemicals portfolio consisting of products designed to reduce time to market for new drugs and therapeutics while still meeting regulatory and compliance requirements.

The new products include sugars/carbohydrates, organic and inorganic salts, and preservatives used in various bioprocessing applications—including upstream cell culture development, downstream purification, polishing, and final fill production. The new product list includes Sodium Chloride United States Pharmacopeia–European Pharmacopeia (USP-EP), an inorganic salt with multiple applications ranging from cell culture to downstream purification and polishing, and Sucrose (beet-derived) USP-EP, National Formulary, Japanese Pharmacopeia, and Chinese Pharmacopeia, a sugar/carbohydrate for upstream cell culture and downstream final fill.

“We have a 50-year track record providing products with comprehensive scientific documentation to quality-focused industries such as pharma and biopharmaceuticals,” said Russell Kneipp, chief operating officer, Spectrum Chemical, in a company press release. “All bioCERTIFIED products carry our ‘100% tested, 100% transparent, 100% trusted’ guarantee, reflecting our ongoing commitment to support biopharmaceutical development and production of biologics for new vaccines, therapeutics, and an array of future applications.”


“Spectrum Chemical has decades of experience dealing with the ever-changing global regulatory environment,” said Jigisha Patel, vice-president of Global Regulatory and Compliance, Spectrum Chemical, in the press release. “Due to COVID-19, there is an even greater worldwide demand for chemicals whose quality and safety are thoroughly documented. Not only do our chemicals meet regulatory and compliance requirements, our documented change controls and sourcing protocols ensure full supply chain transparency.”

Source: Spectrum Chemical