Single-Use Filling Assemblies for Aseptic Fill/Finish Applications

Published on: 
BioPharm International, BioPharm International-01-01-2018, Volume 31, Issue 1
Pages: 52

Sterile-molded filling assemblies from AdvantaPure are suited for single-use vial and syringe filling.

AdvantaPure’s sterile-molded filling assemblies are suited for single-use vial and syringe filling. The products are made from AdvantaSil silicone tubing and molded components, or weldable and sealable AdvantaFlex biopharmaceutical tubing and components. The assemblies are completed with bags, filters, sterile connectors, filling needles, and other accessories.

The assemblies also are supplied sterilized and ready to use, and feature smooth, molded junctions for continuous flow and to reduce leak and entrapment issues associated with barbed fittings. The multiport tri-clamp design helps reduce potential leak points and minimizes holdup volume, according to the company.