SGS Life Science Services Opens Center of Excellence for Biophysical Analysis

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SGS Life Science Services opens a Center of Excellence for Biophysical Analysis in the UK.

SGS Life Science Services has completed the development of a Center for Excellence for biophysical analysis of biopharmaceutical products in its SGS M-Scan facility in Wokingham, the United Kingdom.

The biophysical analysis group is lead by Dr.Iñigo Rodriguez-Mendieta, who along with his team, provides expertise in higher order structure analysis. The team can perform aggregation analysis, secondary/tertiary structural analysis, and thermal stability assessment and comparison. The new center complements the company's recent investment, announced in March 2013, to develop integrated formulation and stability testing services at the Wokingham facility, slated for completion in the fourth quarter 2013 and to be fully validated by early 2014.