Serialization on a Global Scale: Deep Dive into the US DSCSA and EU FMD – Packaging | Part 2

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Global supply chain experts examine implications of the DSCSA as well as topical considerations around the EU's FMD in this serialization video series ft. manufacturing, packaging, software, and regulatory experts.


Serialization on a Global Scale: Deep Dive into the US DSCSA and EU FMD was part of a keynote series at INTERPHEX 2021. This is part two of four, serialization from a packaging perspective.

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About the keynote

With the aggregation considerations for the US Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) on the horizon and uncertainties about authentication of medicines in a post-Brexit Europe, questions about compliance—and the security of the drug supply—are at the forefront.

In this discussion, global supply chain experts examine implications of the DSCSA (specifically serialization and aggregation) and topical considerations around the European Union’s (EU) Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD).

As the aggregation considerations for the DSCSA approaches, what do companies across the bio/pharmaceutical supply chain need to tackle now, and what can they expect going forward?

Within Europe, compliance with the delegated EU FMD regulation has been required since 2019. However, implementation of the delegated regulation has not been smooth sailing. In what position has Brexit left stakeholders with regards to medicines authentication? Has it been/might it be necessary to further update manufacturing and packaging lines to accommodate variances in regulations?

Experts from across the global supply chain will provide insight and answers to these questions.

About the speaker

Lauren Catalano is a technical services manager at Sharp, a provider of pharmaceutical contract packaging services. In her role, Lauren is responsible for supporting the development, documentation, implementation, and enhancement of Sharp’s serialization services platform.

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