Sciex’s New Mass Spec Technologies Enhance Lab Analytics

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Sciex’s latest additions to its biopharma portfolio helps to optimize workflow for better analytics in the lab.

Sciex’s latest additions to its biopharma portfolio help to optimize workflow for better analytics in the lab.

According to the company, these products have been optimized for maximal sensitivity, accuracy, and efficiency for scientists using challenging workflows in critical fields without sacrificing robustness or ease of use.

Recent additions to the Sciex biopharma portfolio include:


  • OptiFlow Quant Solution, which delivers highly sensitive micro-flow quantitation for peptides. This solution includes the OptiFlow Turbo V Source with M5 MicroLC to deliver micro-flow sensitivity at analytical flow usability, with flexible and user-friendly sample handling.

  • Multiple Attribute Methodology (MAM) Workflow for simplified, in-depth liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry characterization and development of biologics. The MAM Workflow provides complete analysis of the product quality profile while minimizing the burden of product-quality attribute monitoring and product purity testing and uses the company’s BioPharmaView 3.0 software.

  • the SCIEX OS 1.4 software brings the full package for quantitative and qualitative analysis to the majority of SCIEX instruments. The new operating system also offers complete 21 CFR Part 11 compliance for labs in regulated fields.

  • the MPX 2.0 software, which was recently developed for multiplexing liquid chromatography separations within a single mass spectrometry system, saves valuable laboratory time while improving flexibility, according to the company.

The company showcased these innovations at ASMS 2018 on June 3–7, 2018 in San Diego, CA.

Source: SCIEX