Sartorius Opens New Application Center

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Sartorius opened a new application center at its offices in Shanghai for product demonstrations, trial runs, and training sessions.

Sartorius announced on Oct. 30, 2014 that it opened a new application center at its offices in Shanghai. The 2600-ft2 center will be used to demonstrate products, complete trial runs, and run training sessions.

Customers can test the latest products from Sartorius in cell cultivation, media and buffer preparation, sterile filtration, cross-flow purification, membrane chromatography, virus clearance, and aseptic processing. Laboratory customers can visit the center to see instruments and consumables: balances, moisture analyzers, pipettes, water purification systems, filters, and products for microbiological testing and quality control.

“Our application center is not just a showroom for our extensive range of lab and bioprocess products. We invite our customers to gain hands-on experience with our technologies during training and demonstration. By doing this, we can demonstrate the benefits of the high degree of seamless integration of the newest state-of-the-art technology for biotech manufacturing,” said Dr. Jörg Lindenblatt, the senior vice-president of sales Asia/Pacific for Bioprocess Solutions, in a press release.


Source: Sartorius