Sartorius Offers Redesigned Vacuum Filtration Units with Higher Capacity and Faster Speed

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Sartorius’ newly redesigned vacuum filtration units are designed to allow for faster and higher-capacity filtration while offering enhanced stability for sample processing.

Launched in November 2021, Sartorius’ newly redesigned Sartolab RF|BT 150–1000 vacuum filtration units offer faster and higher capacity filtration while allowing for enhanced physical stability for a wide range of sample types. The modifications to the product’s design include:

  • Increased membrane surface area to facilitate optimal filtration
  • A new 0.45 µm polyethersulfone membrane in place of the 0.45 µm cellulose acetate membrane to increase flow rate while keeping the same low-protein binding properties
  • An optimized center of gravity to increase stability of the units
  • Able to be directly used on the Sartolab Multistation for parallel filtration

In addition, the new vacuum filtration units are available in three different pore sizes to meet the needs of most applications, as follows:

  1. 0.1 µm for mycoplasma removal
  2. 0.22 µm for sterile filtration of cell culture media, buffers, and reagents
  3. 0.45 µm for clarification of aqueous and viscous solutions

“We are excited to introduce our updated Sartolab vacuum filtration units, which build upon the benefits and ergonomic design of the original units,” said Catherine Leluan, product manager, Sartorius, in a Nov. 1, 2021 press release. “The redesign of these units exemplifies our commitment to engineer products that accelerate and streamline workflows, are user-friendly and are well-suited for the busy laboratory setting. In addition, improvement in our manufacturing controls [is] expected to lead to increased robustness of supply to help meet growing market demand.”

Source: Sartorius