Sartorius and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory Collaborate on Training

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Sartorius and EMBL have entered into a corporate partnership program to foster advanced training.

Sartorius announced on Feb. 17, 2017 that it was partnering with the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) research institute to advance scientific training and education. Sartorius will lend its expertise to EMBL’s Corporate Partnership Program, which fosters training collaboration to connect industry to academia.

The EMBL Corporate Partnership Program creates training courses, sponsors conferences, and organizes workshops at the institute’s International Center for Advanced Training. Sartorius will provide long-term support to EMBL’s education program by funding yearly travel bursaries for teachers who wish to attend EMBL’s Learning Laboratory for the Life Sciences classes.

 “By focusing on professional training at all levels and ensuring that the next generation of young talent has access to the latest knowledge, we aim to support the scientific community to reach its maximum potential,” stated Karen Storm, vice-president of Marketing of the Lab Products & Services Division at Sartorius, in a press release. 


Source: Sartorius