Salipro Biotech Obtains Patents in US and China for Direct Extraction of Membrane Proteins and Library Generation

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Salipro has been granted patents in the United States and China for its proprietary technology to enable the development of therapeutics against challenging drug targets.

Salipro Biotech, a Swedish biotech company focused on the stabilization of membrane proteins for drug development, announced on Sept. 7, 2022 that its patent entitled “Saposin Lipoprotein Particles and Libraries from Crude Membranes” has been issued by both the US Patent and Trademark Office and by the China National Intellectual Property Administration.

The patents cover the company’s novel method of direct extraction of membrane proteins from cells or crude membranes to enable drug development for challenging drug targets. The patents also protect the generation of Salipro libraries representing the membrane proteome, the particles themselves, and their use in drug discovery and membrane protein research, amongst others.

According to a company press release, the Salipro technology enables the development of novel therapeutics against targets that previously could not be investigated.


“We are excited to announce the granting of these patents in the [United States] and in China. This news represents an important corporate achievement that fosters our position to accelerate drug discovery programs with pharma companies on challenging drug targets,” said Jens Frauenfeld, CEO of Salipro, in the press release.

Source: Salipro