RSV Vaccine Shows Promise in Preclinical Studies

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Novovax’s investigational vaccine targeting respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) demonstrated clinical effectiveness in animal models.

Novovax announced on Sept. 15, 2015 that maternal immunization against respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) effectively demonstrated the transfer of placental anti-RSV antibodies to the pups of guinea pigs. The study findings were published in the peer-reviewed journal Vaccine.

RSV is the leading cause (of viral origin) of lower respiratory tract infections in infants worldwide, but direct immunization against RSV is typically not possible, as infant immune systems cannot handle such a vaccine. Thus, the study authors investigated the in-utero transfer of human serum immunoglobulin antibodies (IgG) against RSV from mother to child.

“The placental architecture in guinea pigs reflects the anatomy found in humans, making them an appropriate model to evaluate placental transfer of antibodies," commented Gregory M. Glenn, MD, senior vice-president of research and development at Novavax, in a press release. "These preclinical data further support our RSV F Vaccine maternal immunization program, and we look forward to announcing data from our Phase II clinical trial to protect infants via maternal immunization this quarter.”


Source: Novovax