Rentschler Commissions 2000-L Single-Use Bioreactor

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Rentschler Biotechnologie launches 2000-L single-use bioreactor and announces additional expansion.


Rentschler Biotechnologie, a contract manufacturing and development organization for biopharmaceuticals, announced on March 23 that the company’s 2000-L single-use bioreactor has been put into operation.

The bioreactor, built and commissioned in six months, doubles the company’s single-use manufacturing capabilities and integrates in the existing manufacturing suites by supplementing two existing 1000-L single-use bioreactors, according to a company statement.


Rentschler has more than five years’ experience with single-use bioreactors and features a facility with a flexible space concept and movable equipment.

Rentschler also announced that the company will invest €24 million to build a system with two 3,000-L stainless steel bioreactors.

Source: Rentschler Biotechnologie