Redbiotec Collaborates with GE Healthcare Life Sciences on Vaccine Development and Manufacturing

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Redbiotec and GE Healthcare Life Sciences develop a novel manufacturing process for virus-like particles.

Redbiotec, a Swiss biopharmaceutical company specializing in vaccine development, is collaborating with GE Healthcare Life Sciences to develop and produce vaccines against cytomegalovirus (CMV), a common virus in the herpes family of viruses. Using GE Healthcare's single-use WAVE Bioreactor and ReadyToProcess crossflow filtration system, the team developed a novel process for the production, clarification, and concentration of CMV-like particles.

Redbiotec uses its proprietary rePAX co-expression technology for the efficient generation of multi-component virus-like particles (VLPs) and other protein assemblies. This technology is used to support the company’s mission to discover and develop vaccines against the highly prevalent influenza and herpes viruses.


Source: Redbiotec