Protein Analyzer Offers Ability to Measure Protein Titer Directly from Bioreactor

August 12, 2019
BioPharm International Editors

The Tridex Protein Analyzer from IDEX offers the ability to directly measure protein titer from a bioreactor in real time.

The Tridex Protein Analyzer from IDEX Health & Science offers the ability to directly measure protein titer from a bioreactor in real time. The analyzer is a compact and an easy-to-use solution for at-line titer monitoring in a bioprocess environment. It is built to ensure that at-line results directly correlate to offline high-performance liquid chromatography methodology.

The biopharma industry has long been seeking an alternative to time-consuming offline methods currently in use, and the measurement of antibody titer is a critical parameter for manufacturing biologics and biosimilars, the company reports. The Tridex Analyzer quickly delivers accurate titer measurements over a dynamic range of 0.1–10 g/L, with minimal sample manipulation for use in R&D and process development.

The Tridex Analyzer is the first protein analyzer on the market built specifically for bioprocess monitoring, according to the company. It uses a unique trap and elute technique to accurately monitor the titer in a bioreactor. It does not require chromatography expertise, specialized training, or extensive method development. The sample flowpath is completely enclosed, lending itself to the requirements of single-use bioprocessing.

The Tridex system also offers the option to connect to an automated sampling system for complete integration into a bioprocessing environment and to deliver actionable results with just a few clicks. IDEX launched the new analyzer in July 2019.

Source: IDEX Health & Science