Protagen Protein Services Expands Capabilities for Aggregate Analytics

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The company has expanded capabilities for aggregate analytics to include dynamic light scattering.

Protagen Protein Services (PPS), a contract research organization specializing in mass spectrometry methods for analytical services in protein science, announced in an April 29, 2020
press release that it expanded its capabilities for aggregate analytics to include dynamic light scattering (DLS).

Protein aggregation is a common challenge in the manufacturing of biological products. DLS is a high-throughput method suitable for ensemble measurements ranging from Rh values of 0.5 nm up to 1000 nm. DLS is based on an analysis of scattered light fluctuations and measures the Brownian motion of particles in a dispersion. This information is used to determine the hydrodynamic size of particles, according to PPS.

DLS provides a simple, fast and non-destructive testing method that allows researchers to detect the presence of aggregates at very low concentrations. Measurements occur directly in the cuvette and are performed without separation or dilution, which prevents potential dissociation of reversible aggregates. No information about concentration or molecular composition is needed, PPS said in the press release.

The company uses the DynaPro Nanostar equipped with DYNAMICS software from Wyatt Technology, which is a cuvette-based batch DLS system that enables precise characterization of proteins and requires only small sample volumes.


Applications supported by DLS include the following:
- Tracing protein aggregation
- Estimating populations of aggregates in small and large molecules, proteins, or liposomes
- Checking the quality of biomolecules prior to running costly analyses, such as SOR or small-angle neutron scattering
- Formulation studies
- Analyzing thermal stability and denaturation
- Differentiating pure unfolding from aggregation
- Measuring the sizes of viruses and virus-like particles
- Quantifying self-assembly processes of polypeptides or DNA

Source: Protagen Protein Services