ProBioGen, Abcuro Partner on New Gen Biotherapeutics

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The companies will develop a new generation of biotherapeutics from cell-line development through to GMP manufacturing.

ProBioGen, a service and technology provider for complex therapeutic antibodies and glycoproteins, announced the closing of a services and license agreement with Abcuro, a biotech company specializing in immunomodulatory therapeutics for autoimmune diseases and cancer, on May 23, 2019. The companies will pursue development of a new generation of immune modulatory biotherapeutics based on Abcuro’s new first-in-class antibody, which operates by killing target cells. The companies will focus on autoimmune and oncology indications.

Under the agreement, ProBioGen will conduct a full-service package from cell-line development through to GMP manufacturing using its CHO.RiGHT expression platform over process development. The company’s antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) enhancer technology, GlymaxX, will be an integral part of the cell-line development.

GlymaxX prevents the cellular synthesis of fucose sugar, hindering its addition to the N-linked carbohydrate part of an antibody within antibody-producing cells. The absence of fucose is known to greatly enhance ADCC, according to ProBioGen. The technology is based on the stable introduction of a gene for an enzyme which blocks the producer cells’ fucose biosynthesis pathway. The technology can be applied to both novel or already existing antibody-producing cell lines, as well as entire antibody expression and discovery platforms, without negatively affecting their productivity or other product characteristics.

“We are glad to have started our collaboration with Abcuro,” said ProBioGen CEO Dr. Wieland Wolf in a company press release. “This is yet another project that benefits not only from our proven development and manufacturing capabilities but also our proprietary technology platform for drug candidate optimization. It reflects again the continuing demand for our advanced optimization technologies.”


“Working with the right partner is a critical element in developing a compelling product candidate,” said Stefano Gullà, Abcuro’s CEO, in the press release. “Thus, we are excited to work with ProBioGen as they have the experience, the technical expertise, and a very committed team. ProBioGen is well known in the community to provide highest quality in proven timelines. Abcuro’s commitment to developing life-changing therapies for patients is a perfect match for their focus on the client’s needs.” 

Source: ProBioGen