Predicting Viral Clearance Through the Use of Non-Infectious MVM and RVLP Surrogates

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Webinar Date/Time: Tue, May 16, 2023 11:00 AM EDT

Non-infectious mock virus particles that mimic the physicochemical properties of live infectious viruses can be used as spiking agents during viral clearance testing. Review results from several studies using economical spiking surrogates – MVM and RVLP mock virus particles—to demonstrate viral clearance in industrial processes.

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Event Overview:

To determine viral clearance efficacy of biomanufacturing steps, viruses are “spiked” into in-process solutions, processed and analyzed for reduction. Due to the infectivity of these viruses, studies are conducted in BSL-2 facilities. Costs and logistics limit analysis during process development. Discussed in the presentation are results from several studies that utilized non-infectious Mock Virus Particles (MVP’s) as MVM and RVLP surrogates. The results demonstrate the feasibility and value of adding viral clearance predication to downstream process development and optimization.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how viral clearance prediction is possible through the use of non-infectious mock virus particles that mimic the physiochemical properties of live mammalian viruses.
  • Understand how this approach can be applied to downstream efforts such as design of experiments and high throughput screening and help facilitate process development/optimization.
  • Review several case studies utilizing MockV MVM and RVLP particles in a BSL-1 lab setting.

Featured Speaker:

David Cetlin
Sr. Director, MockV Products
Cygnus Technologies

David Cetlin is the Senior Director of MockV Products at Cygnus Technologies, LLC. Mr. Cetlin founded MockV Solution in 2013 and was CEO until its acquisition by Cygnus in 2020. His lab is dedicated towards establishing a series of BSL-1 compatible viral clearance prediction kits. These kits aim to benefit downstream purification scientists as they develop, characterize, and validate their downstream purification processes.

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