Pittcon 2009 Product Focus

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BioPharm International, BioPharm International-02-01-2009, Volume 22, Issue 2

On-line IC/HPLC Analyzers, PITTCON BOOTH #4485
The Integral online process analyzer platform from Dionex offers sampling and sample preparation modules, optional industrial enclosures, and the latest Dionex Reagent-Free ion chromatography (RFIC) or HPLC technologies integrated into an online IC or HPLC process analysis solution. The integral migration path concept enables online IC or HPLC to be applied in the process analytical laboratory, in the pilot plant, or on the factory floor-wherever and whenever on-line IC or HPLC is needed. Integral can be configured to meet the needs of most chromatography applications. Instrument options include single- and dual-channel IC or HPLC systems that can be configured to increase sample throughput or to perform complimentary analyses for increased information, RFIC systems for just-add-water convenience, or UHPLC systems for high-resolution HPLC analyses. Dionex, 408.737.0700, www.dionex.com.


Ultrapure Water System, PITTCON BOOTH #3621
Using carbon-resin technology, the arium 611 is capable of producing 18.2 M x cm with total organic carbon (TOC) levels as low as < 1 ppb at up to 2 L/min in a compact user friendly design that has eliminated the need for a service contract. Different cartridge packs are available to meet specific feed water quality (RO, Dl, distilled water, tap water) and application requirements. Every unit of the arium 611 family includes sterile end filtration with a Sartopore capsule with a 0.2 µm PESU membrane, validated in compliance with HIMA and ASTM F-838-83 guidelines. With four different types of systems to choose from, the arium 611 is able to meet the most stringent demands for ultrapure water in the laboratory. Sartorius Stedim North America, Inc., 877.452.2345, www.sartorius-stedim.com/index.php?id=7073.



Mass Spectrometer, PITTCON BOOTH #4240
The Waters Xevo quadrupole time-of-flight (QTof) mass spectrometer (MS) from Waters Corporation is a highly sensitive exact mass MS/MS benchtop instrument. Xevo mass spectrometers are designed around the philosophy of engineered simplicity, which combines instrument performance with simplicity of operation to enable scientists to convert data into business-critical knowledge faster and with greater assurance. Paired with Waters Acquity UltraPerformance Liquid Chromatography (UPLC), the Xevo QTof MS is the only commercially available MS system to give scientists a method of data acquisition that captures all of the data all of the time at high speeds to maximize the amount of information collected from minimal sample amounts. Waters Corporation, 508.478.2000, www.waters.com.


Liquid Chromatography System, PITTCON BOOTH #3645
GE Healthcare has launched ÄKTAready a liquid chromatography system designed for process scale-up and production for Phase 1–3 drug development and full scale production to GLP and cGMP standards. Simplified system handling and reduced downtime between products and batches improves cost efficiency and productivity by saving time and expenditure for start-up, labor, and consumables. ÄKTAready operates with ready-to-use, disposable flow paths, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination and the need for cleaning and validation of cleaning procedures. ÄKTAready comprises the chromatography unit, Unicorn software, and a disposable ReadyToProcess flow kit including sensors and detection flow cells. GE Healthcare, 46.18.612.000, www.gelifesciences.com.


Viral Clearance Membranes, PITTCON BOOTH #2043
Millipore’s Viresolve Pro solution enables productivity gains from process development to full-scale production. The Viresolve Pro is based on a dual layer PES membrane that simultaneously delivers high parvovirus LRV, capacity, and flux. The device formats were designed to fit into the majority of processes and enable productivity gains from process development to full-scale production. Every device format is fully disposable and is shipped gamma irradiated. For the convenience of optional in situ sanitization, all Viresolve Pro devices are also caustic stable. Millipore Corporation, 800.548.7853, www.millipore.com.