Pfizer Expands Humanitarian Assistance Program

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The company plans to expand access to its Prevanar 13 vaccine in humanitarian emergency settings.

In a Nov. 11, 2016 press release Pfizer said that the company will be expanding its humanitarian assistance program allowing for broader access to the Prevenar 13 vaccine in humanitarian emergency settings. In situations where there is a need for humanitarian aid, Prevenar 13, a pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, will now be offered in a multi-dose vial for $3.10 per dose. During the first year of the expanded program, Pfizer said it will be donating all sales proceeds to humanitarian groups.

Refugees will be able to receive the multi-dose vial version of Prevenar 13 starting in 2017, Pfizer said in a statement. The new vial contains four doses of the vaccine and is scheduled to be introduced early next year. The multi-dose vial is the same size as the single-dose version and offers reduced cold storage and transportation requirements. This new version of Prevanar 13 has been prequalified by the World Health Organization.

In the immediate term, Pfizer said it will meet humanitarian emergency needs through a short-term donation of the single-dose vial of Prevenar 13, which is available for expedited delivery. In a statement, Susan Silbermann, president and general manager of Pfizer Vaccines, said the company is “proud of the significant impact that our Prevenar 13 vaccine and our partnerships with many humanitarian organizations have had on public health across the globe.”  


Source: Pfizer