Pepscan Doubles GMP Peptide Production Capacity

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The increased capacity will enable the company to guarantee short production timelines.

On Oct. 8, 2019 The Netherlands-based Pepscan, a provider of custom peptide-based products and services, announced that it has doubled its GMP peptide production capacity, which will enable the company to guarantee short production timelines, specifically for researchers active in personalized peptide medicine, where both timelines and flexibility are key.

“Earlier this year, we started producing GMP peptides for clinical studies [Phases I and II], which made it possible to provide peptides for purposes beyond R&D, directly for the benefit of patients. Our new production line, consisting of a new synthesizer, a preparative HPLC [high-performance liquid chromatography] and lyophilizer in our cleanroom, and the strengthened QMS [quality management system] and process documentation that were put in place for this, have proven to facilitate the efficient execution of the process. Using this proven concept, we have now doubled the complete production line,” said Hans de Backer, CEO of Pepscan, in a company press release. Current production includes both therapeutic peptide projects as well as personalized peptide medicine projects (e.g., neoantigen vaccines).

“Given our role in the field of personalized medicine, short and reliable delivery times are crucial,” added Hanne Kho, chief operations officer of Pepscan, in the press release. “This demands a set of rigorous processes and a certain level of flexibility that we, together with outstanding product quality, are able to deliver. I’m very proud that the recent GMP customer audits that were conducted have confirmed this.”


Source: Pepscan