PCI Pharma Services Expands Bottling Capacity

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PCI Pharma Services expanded capacity of its commercial packaging site in Illinois.

PCI Pharma Services (PCI), a provider of outsourced drug manufacturing, clinical trial services, and commercial packaging to the global biopharmaceutical industry, announced the expansion of its bottling-line capacity at its commercial packaging site in Rockford, IL, in a Feb. 5, 2019 press release. 

The new expansion will enable filling of an additional 100 million bottles per year at the site. Construction of the additional packaging suites began in March 2018 to add footprint for primary and secondary packaging operations equipped with high-speed tablet filling, cartoning, in-line serialization, and aggregation in support of increased customer demand. 

PCI’s investment at the Rockford location is the latest in a series of capacity expansion initiatives across its worldwide network, including multiple facility enlargements, cold chain and ultra-cold storage extension, installations of additional packaging lines, and expansion of its serialization solutions. To further support its existing biotech infrastructure, PCI’s commercial packaging site in Philadelphia, PA recently announced a $20-million investment in commercial packaging, as well as expanded cold-chain capacity at numerous global locations.


Source: PCI Pharma Services