Oxford Genetics Receives Grant from Innovate UK

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Oxford Genetics received £1.61 million from Innovate UK to explore computational and synthetic biology approaches for optimized mammalian bioproduction.

Oxford Genetics Ltd, a biotechnology company specializing in DNA design, protein and viral expression systems, and cell line engineering, has secured a £1.61-million (approximately $2 million) grant from Innovate UK. The funding will support a new research project exploring computational and synthetic biology approaches for optimized mammalian bioproduction, the company said in a Dec. 15, 2016 press announcement. In collaboration with researchers at the University of Oxford, Oxford Genetics will take a systematic view to enhancing bioproduction and synthetic biology.

The project will explore the use of complex statistical methods to engineer robust and predictable synthetic genetic constructs for expression of multi-component systems, as exemplified by bispecific proteins and viral vectors for gene therapy applications. Research will also be conducted into the optimization of the cellular environment to better support associated biosynthetic processes, and include proof-of-concept process development for scale-up. Oxford Genetics’ latest initiative builds on previous research programs around the development of DNA design algorithms, automation platforms, and viral packaging systems. The project aims to create a step-change in the capabilities of current bioproduction methods, meeting unmet needs in the field of viral vector production.


Source: Oxford Genetics