Oxford Genetics Licenses CRISPR Gene Editing Technology from ERS Genomics

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Licensing agreement will expand Oxford Genetics bio-therapeutic discovery, design, and development service business.

On May 9, 2017, Oxford Genomics announced that it has signed a non-exclusive licensing agreement with ERS Genomics to access its foundational intellectual property related to CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing technology. The agreement grants Oxford Genetics the rights to use the technology for the provision of genome engineering services, and as part of ongoing R&D for cell line development and gene therapy viral vector improvement. The license also allows the development and commercial sale of research tools and reagents, and the use of CRISPR edited cell lines for the GMP manufacturing of bio-therapeutics.

The licensing of this technology comes two months after Oxford Genetics announced the award of a £1.61-million (approximately $2.08-million) Innovate UK government grant aimed at optimizing the bioproduction of complex biologics via screening methodologies. The licensing of the CRISPR genome engineering technology will enable the business to explore previously unaddressed biological questions via automated high-throughput screening approaches.

“We’re pleased to add Oxford Genetics into our portfolio of licensees as they provide important tools and services to support the needs of the life-science and pharmaceutical research and manufacturing communities. This further supports ERS’ goal of making the CRISPR technology broadly available,” Eric Rhodes, CEO at ERS Genomics stated in a press release.


Source: Oxford Genetics