OpenEye Scientific and Specifica Partner to Launch Orion Antibody Discovery Suite

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BP Elements, BioPharm International's BP Elements, January 2022, Volume 1, Issue 1

The partnership between OpenEye Scientific and Specifica has generated AbXtract, an antibody discovery model that is included in the Orion Antibody Suite.

OpenEye Scientific and Specifa have jointly developed a software offering known as the OpenEye Orion Antibody Discovery Suite. The first offering from the suite will be AbXtract, an antibody discovery module developed by Specifica.

The Orion Antibody Suite has been described as the only cloud-native. fully integrated software-as-a-service molecular modeling platform, according to a Dec. 2, 2021, press release. The software suite is intended to combine the storage and computational scalability of Amazon Web Services with powerful tools for data sharing, visualization, and analysis in an open development platform.

AbXtract uses proprietary artificial intelligence methods to analyze large amounts of sequence data. The model is designed to help antibody engineers and bioinformaticians uncover diverse antibody sets with ideal properties for downstream therapeutics development.


“What AbXtract does is democratize the use of next-generation sequencing in antibody discovery, letting Orion take care of storage and analysis,” said Andrew Bradbury, co-founder and chief scientific officer of Specifica, in the press release. “Antibody discovery projects that were previously out of reach because of software, hardware, computation, or data sharing limitations have now become possible with AbXtract on Orion.”

Source: Specifica