Online Tools Assist Formulation and Product Selection

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BASF launches digital solutions for the pharma industry during CPhI Worldwide 2019.

Web-based digital solutions from BASF-ZoomLab, RegXcellence, and MyProductWorld-virtual assistants for drug development processes, were introduced at the CPhI Worldwide trade show in November 2019. The free web-based applications are designed to optimize drug formulation, provide regulatory and quality support, and provide information about BASF products.

ZoomLab is an online predictive tool designed to reduce pre-formulation trial and error steps. Formulators can use the launch version to instantly predict uncoated tablet formulations for active pharmaceutical ingredients in Biopharmaceutics Classification System Classes I and III.

RegXcellence, a regulatory and quality portal, allows customers to download documents, find audit information, and have a compliance overview of their portfolio.


MyProductWorld enables users to find information about BASF products.

Source: BASF