Novo Nordisk Builds New Labs in Denmark, Adds to US Staff

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Construction has started on Novo Nordisk's laboratories for diabetes research in Denmark.

Novo Nordisk announced an investment of approximately $130 million in new laboratories at the company's R&D campus in Måløv, Denmark. Construction has started, and the new laboratory facility is expected to be ready for occupation in early 2016. The Diabetes Research House facility will accommodate approximately 350 employees.

"The new lab facility will provide an environment for cutting-edge diabetes research within biotechnology and protein chemistry," said Mads Krogsgaard Thomsen, executive vice-president and chief science officer of Novo Nordisk, in a press release.

The company announced in a separate press release that it would be hiring up to 90 people at the manufacturing plant in West Lebanon, NH that the company acquired from Olympus Biotech earlier in 2014. The facility will produce products for the treatment of hemophilia in the US, including the long-acting recombinant factor VIII, N8-GP for those with hemophilia A.


"We're pleased to be bringing this site back to life and make it a part of Novo Nordisk's growing network of manufacturing sites," said Steen Weber Jensen, corporate vice-president, Novo Nordisk. "Our long-standing commitment to patients and families affected by hemophilia means we have to continuously improve how we supply our medicines, and this new site will give us new, vital capacity."

Source: Novo Nordisk