Novasep Starts Kilogram-Scale Batch Production at US Facility

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Production of kilogram-scale batches of synthetic molecules for early-stage development are now available to US customers.

Novasep has finalized the set-up of its new synthesis laboratory and kilogram-scale laboratory at its Pennsylvania, US facility. Production of kilogram-scale batches of synthetic molecules for biological testing and preclinical trials has begun.

“Drug developers in the US are responding positively to our extended CMO services that support their early stage programs," said Andrew Brennan, general manager at Novasep’s US operations, in a press release.

“The proximity to our US experts will help to secure and speed up our customers’ projects. And beyond the technical expertise of our team, the trusted partnerships that Novasep is building with US companies will promote future development and commercial supply agreements to keep up with the fast growing US pharmaceutical market,” said Thierry Van Nieuwenhove, Synthesis BU president.


The facility in Boothwyn, PA is equipped with jacketed reactors ranging from 100 mL to 50 L in size and with a 3 5L filter dryer for isolation of kilogram quantities of compound. The laboratory extension has equipment for standard and cryogenic chemistry. For purification services, the laboratory provides North American customers with Novasep’s preparative chromatography technologies and has analytical tools for process research and development, including a calorimetric reactor for preliminary process safety testing.

Source: Novasep