New UK Life Sciences Asset Launches at BIO

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A new United Kingdom life-science asset, HIRANI, was launched at a reception at BIO in Philadelphia.

At a reception at BIO in Philadelphia-hosted by the UK Department for International Trade, Invest Northern Ireland, the Welsh Government, the BioIndustry Association (BIA), AstraZeneca, and the British American Business Council of Greater Philadelphia-a new United Kingdom life-science asset was launched.

The Health Innovation Research Alliance Northern Ireland (HIRANI) is a collaboration between academic, local government, clinical, and life-sciences constituencies aimed at delivering the health and prosperity potential of the life-sciences ecosystem in Northern Ireland. This asset will act as a voice for health and life sciences on a national and international stage and will drive collaboration and connectivity across the sector.

“Northern Ireland has long punched well above its weight in terms of life-sciences innovation, particularly in the fields of respiratory disease, heart disease, and cancer,” said Mike Thompson, chief executive of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry in a June 4, 2019 press release. “HIRANI will make it easier for its network of universities, industry, and health organizations to work together to achieve improved health and social care outcomes for Northern Ireland’s 1.8 million residents, as well as sustained economic growth for the region. We look forward to playing an active role in partnering with HIRANI as we have in Greater Manchester, where a similar model has delivered 41 new life-sciences collaborations over just two years.”

“We are delighted that HIRANI will provide the infrastructure to ensure that the life-science community can work as a collective within Northern Ireland to then raise its profile internationally and play its leading role in global collaboration,” added Peter Ellingworth chief executive of the Association of British Healthtech Industries.


“By bringing together healthcare providers, research bodies, companies, and supply chains, HIRANI will be ideally placed to identify and champion the exciting opportunities within the Northern Ireland life-sciences ecosystem,” said BIA chief executive Steve Bates. “This is further proof of the thriving life-sciences sector in Northern Ireland and shows the diverse strength of the UK life-sciences sector as a whole, where our global strength is underpinned by a world class research base and where innovative companies are working at the forefront of pioneering treatments for patients, across the nations of the UK.”   

Source: ABPI