New Software Tools Enhance Real-Time Process Monitoring in Labs

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New software tools by Tecan, a provider of automated laboratory instruments and solutions, complement each other to enhance process monitoring of its liquid-handling platforms.

Automated laboratory instruments and solutions provider Tecan’s Introspect and Common Notification System (Tecan CNS) software tools help enhance real-time monitoring of the company’s Fluent and Freedom EVO liquid-handing platforms, providing insight into how these processes work. With the shift towards increasing interconnectedness with the Internet of Things in laboratories and with laboratory equipment, this combination of monitoring solutions can provide valuable data on automated liquid-handling platform usage, including real-time information on each instrument’s status, the company reports.

Introspect is a new, cloud-based service that provides a comprehensive overview of precisely when and how laboratory automation systems are used. It provides data on instrument uptime, consumables usage, and error handling, which are displayed on a customizable dashboard. This gives operations managers and automation specialists a clear picture of system operation, according to the company. The service also provides secure encryption protocols, which allows numerous instruments across multiple sites to be viewed on a web-browser, helping lab managers to improve efficiency and plan for changing requirements.

Tecan CNS complements Introspect for use with Fluent, Freedom EVO, and Spark, which allows users to monitor an instrument’s status from a distance through a smartphone-an ideal situation for systems in a clean room, biosafety cabinet, or remote location. It also offers If This Then That (IFTTT) connectivity, a service that automates connectivity between apps and services. IFTTT enables users to use changes in instrument status to trigger a variety of internet services, such as sending a text message or changing a lamp color, which offers users the ability to walk away from processes while increasing productivity and ensuring process security.

Source: Tecan