New Cell-Culture Media Compaction Technology Introduced

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EMD Millipore debuts a new cell-culture media compacting technology that will turn messy, dry powders into granules.


EMD Millipore announced on June 2, 2015 that a new technology from the company may help operators better deal with powder-based cell culture media. The new technology compacts dry-powder cell culture media into granules, which the company says will improve solubility, flowability, and mimimize dust formation to improve handling and cleanliness.

Making powders denser allows for faster dissolution of media, and increased flowability enables better mixing and decreases the chance of media caking, according to the company. EMD Millipore plans to use the compaction technology for customers’ specific process needs, as well as for its own portfolio of cell-culture media products.


“Biopharmaceutical manufacturers need cell-culture media that are highly soluble, homogenous, and convenient to handle,” said Matthias Bucerius, director of global marketing of pharma raw materials, EMD Millipore, in a press release. “We developed our compaction technology to address the market need for dry powder media that reliably meet those requirements.”

EMD Millipore