Natrix Introduces New Disposable mAb Purification Column

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The new column features Natrix’s signature macroporous hydrogel.


Natrix introduced a disposable chromatography device on June 25, 2015 called the Recon HD-Sb. The tool is designed for “the laboratory-scale purification of monoclonal antibodies and other therapeutic biomolecules,” according to a company press release. Although the Recon HD-Sb is a .87 mL-column device, larger columns harnessing the HD-Sb chemistry are currently in development.


The salt-tolerant HD-Sb chemistry includes a cation-exchange membrane augmented with HIC (t-butyl) groups. The product line used Natrix’s three-dimensional, open, macroporous hydrogel, which is purported to increase binding capacity and increase flow rates 10–20 times more than with traditional resins. The HD-Sb chemistry also provides host-cell protein and monomer clearance, as well as aggregate clearance.