Nanobiotix Spins off Curadigm, a New Nanotechnology Platform

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Nanobiotix has launched Curadigm, a spinoff company that will specialize in developing a nanotechnology platform for healthcare applications.

On May 28, 2019, Nanobiotix, a clinical-stage nanomedicine company, announced the launch of a new subsidiary Curadigm, which was spun off for the purpose of using nanotechnology to redefine the therapeutic balance between bioavailability, toxicity, and efficacy across the pharmaceutical industry. The company will be a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nanobiotix and will operate in France and the United States.

Curadigm technology will employ a proprietary Nanoprimer technology, which uses nanoparticles (aka, nanoprimers) that are designed with specific physicochemical properties. These properties allow the nanoprimers to transiently occupy the liver cells responsible for therapeutic clearance. They are injected prior to the therapeutic and increase systemic bioavailability, allowing for increased accrual in the target tissue and, therefore, increased therapeutic action.

According to Nanobiotix, for most therapeutics today, only a small portion of medicine that is administered is effective. The rest is cleared from the body without effect or may even be toxic. After injection, the dose moves through the circulatory system within the blood, and, while a small portion reaches the targeted tissue, the remainder is cleared or accumulates in organs such as the liver, the company asserts.

Curadigm’s Nanoprimer technology offers broad potential applications across the healthcare system. The technology offers the ability to increase the efficacy of therapeutics at their current dose and, thus, lowers the necessary dose. This can decrease toxicity and cost and allows for new therapeutic approaches.


The new company will be led by Dr. Matthieu Germain, who has been with Nanobiotix for more than 15 years and holds expertise in the development of nanoparticles, including initial development of the new technology. Dr. Kate Rochlin will join the company as director of business development with a background in early stage company growth.

“After achieving the milestone of our first European market approval for Nanobiotix’s lead oncology product candidate, NBTXR3, our business continues to build momentum. We are thrilled to announce the launch of our subsidiary, Curadigm-another disruptive technology platform we have built as a result of pioneering nanomedicine for more than 15 years. While Nanobiotix remains focused on continued development of NBTXR3, we are pleased to open new growth pathways for our business and shareholders,” said Laurent Levy, CEO of Nanobiotix, in a company press release.

Source: Nanobiotix