MilliporeSigma Unveils ColorWheel Flow Cytometry Portfolio

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MilliporeSigma’s new ColorWheel flow cytometry portfolio is designed to create antibodies and dyes analogous to a primary conjugated antibody.

MilliporeSigma announced the launch of its new ColorWheel flow cytometry portfolio on Nov. 16, 2021. The ColorWheel uses technology optimized for flow cytometry that allows users to select antibodies and dyes for assembly in any desired combination, resulting in an output of mix-and-match antibodies and dyes analogous to a primary conjugated antibody.

According to a company press release, multiplexing in flow cytometry can be difficult because researchers must consider instrument configuration, antigen expression and dye brightness balance, and antibody–dye combination availability. In this regard, the ColorWheel is designed to overcome these constraints by making it easier to build a new multiplex assay for samples with varying expression levels of antigen.

According to the press release, the ColorWheel:

  • Has the flexibility to pair any antibody with any dye in a ready-to-use, convenient format
  • Can be used in five minutes of hands-on time, minimizing necessary time and effort
  • Uses a preservative-free presentation that promotes sustainability and wider sample type compatibility
  • Delivers a lyophilized product, enhancing stability and allowing for ambient shipping.

Source: MilliporeSigma