MES Planned for Cell and Gene Therapy Applications

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Werum IT Solutions will provide a standardized, scalable, and compliant platform to blood centers for the cell and gene therapy processes.

Werum IT Solutions and the Blood Centers of America (BCA) announced a partnership to implement Werum’s manufacturing execution system for chain of compliance and batch record recording for the cell and gene therapies.

According to a July 11, 2019 press statement, the two companies will work to develop a digital supply chain solution suite that will integrate manufacturing and supply chain logistics as well as the collection of autologous/allogenic cell-based raw material in the manufacture of cell and gene therapies.Werum’s PAS-X MES will be used to track and control data points between patient, donor, raw material, and material management.

“To efficiently manage cell and gene therapies the market needs a comprehensive ‘vein-to-vein’ IT solution that we will create together with Werum, a novelty and important milestone in the cell and gene business,” said Charles Mooney, vice-president of bio-development and quality management at the Oklahoma Blood Institute and BCA Cell Therapy Committee Chair in the press statement.


“We are proud to work together with Blood Centers of America and its members on this live-saving initiative,” said Andreas Fischer, senior head of the business unit SafeCell at Werum IT Solutions in the press statement. “We will share knowledge and resources in order to develop an end-to-end supply chain management solution of cell and gene therapies integrating manufacturing and logistics for the complex process of delivering such therapies to the patient.”

Source:Werum IT Solutions