Marken Announces New Depot and Operations Center in Argentina

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Marken announced the opening of a new depot and logistics operations center in Argentina.

On Oct. 11, 2016 Marken announced the opening of a new depot and logistics operation in Argentina, which will replace the current location. The new location is larger, more modern, and will expand its capabilities in the region. An opening event is scheduled on November 15-16, in Buenos Aires. The depot is in the final phases of commissioning and is planned to officially open during the third week of November.

The new depot facility will be co-located with a new logistics office in Buenos Aires. The depot will increase Marken’s drug storage and distribution capacity to serve its clients in the region. The depot’s logistics operations are GMP and GDP-compliant. The depot will also have a full range of temperature storage capacities and validated capabilities for late-stage customization of drug product.

The new facility is located in the Tortuguitas Province, approximately 40 km northwest of Buenos Aires and adjacent to major highways. Drug shipments will be monitored by Sentry, a real-time GPS tracking system that is connected to the Maestro operating system. The depot’s inventory is tracked in Solo, a GMP-compliant, cloud-based system which provides continuous access to Marken’s clients.


Source: Marken