Lonza to Manufacture AstraZeneca's COVID-19 Long-Acting Antibody Combination

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The agreement will provide capacity for the manufacturing of AZD7442, currently being developed for the potential prevention and treatment of COVID-19, at Lonza's Portsmouth, NH site.

On Oct. 30, 2020, Lonza announced that it has signed an agreement with AstraZeneca to manufacture AZD7442, AstraZeneca’s combination of two long-acting antibodies in development for the potential prevention and treatment of COVID-19. Under the agreement, Lonza will manufacture drug substance for AZD7442 at its facilities in Portsmouth, NH, in the United States. Operations are expected to begin for this project in the first half of 2021.

AZD7442 is currently in Phase I clinical studies, and AstraZeneca plans to advance the combination therapy into Phase III trials in the coming weeks, according to a Lonza press release.

AstraZeneca will be one of the first companies to access Lonza's new mid-scale facilities in Portsmouth, Lonza stated in its press release. With operations coming online later this year, the new hybrid facility combines the cost efficiencies of mid-scale stainless steel bioreactors with disposable downstream technology, offering flexibility and speed, according to Lonza. Automation and process analytic technology also open up the possibilities for real-time data sharing and transparency.


"Given the threats posed from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, advancing options for prevention and treatment are of crucial importance. Our team is extremely motivated to welcome AstraZeneca as one of the first projects in our new mid-scale facility in Portsmouth, NH. The new facility will provide AstraZeneca with the flexibility and the speed needed to manufacture AZD7442 on accelerated timelines," said Jean-Christophe Hyvert, chief commercial officer, Lonza, in the press release.

Source: Lonza