Lonza Announces Technology for Automated Endotoxin Testing

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Lonza’s new PyroTec Pro Robotic Solution provides a fully automated workflow for endotoxin detection.

Lonza will reveal its next-generation endotoxin automation solution, PyroTec Pro Robotic Solution, at the Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) Global Conference on Pharmaceutical Microbiology (October 15-16, 2018, Bethesda, MD). The company’s instruments, reagents, and software are integrated into the robotic platform, providing a fully automated workflow solution.

The company is also adding features to its WinKQCL Endotoxin Detection Software. The automation module in version 6.0 simplifies the process of setting up an automated endotoxin testing run, and no programming or robotic scripting knowledge is required. The software can now generate robotic scripts and adapt to changing sample dilution requirements, as well as control the procedure from start to finish. The software can import sample test worklists from a sample management system and export the results back out to the same system, preventing transcription errors and saving time over manually entering data.

“The need for accurate and dependable endotoxin testing technology is greater than ever, with the pharmaceutical industry increasingly focusing on the development of innovative biotherapeutics that carry a higher risk of endotoxin contamination,” the company said in a press release. “However, endotoxin testing traditionally involves a number of manual data entry and test-template creation steps, which are inherently prone to human error. As a consequence, confidence in results is reduced, the retest rate is increased, and the potential for proper second-person review of the methods is reduced. Furthermore, the lack of metadata to be associated with manual steps has a negative impact on traceability and the laboratory’s audit capability.”


Source: Lonza