Larger Peristaltic Pumps Allow Scale-Up for Biopharm Projects

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Higher-flow peristaltic pumps from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group are designed for upstream and downstream bioprocessing with single-use fluid path assemblies.

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group (WMFTG) has expanded its range of peristaltic cased pumps for upstream and downstream bioprocessing tasks. The existing 120 and 530 models are now joined by 630 and 730 higher flow pumps, allowing research projects or production to be scaled up without changing or impacting the process.

WMFTG’s 120, 530, 630, and 730 process pumps share the same functionality to enhance compliance with cGMP and ensure final product quality. The expanded range (from 0.000000264 gal/min up to 8.7 gal/min) covers a wide spectrum of bioprocessing tasks and simplifies scaling.

A new, simple-to-use human machine interface requires minimal key presses to reduce the opportunity for errors. Process security is enhanced with the addition of a 3-level PIN lock. Control options include manual, remote, analogue, and RS485 digital communications, along with integrated PROFIBUS networking capabilities.


The new cased pumps are designed for use with single-use fluid path assemblies, and the low-shear pump action means that product can be moved without degradation or damage. One use is buffer and media preparation, for which pumps must deliver accurate flows with intuitive operation. Large volumes of buffer are often required, so pumps must also provide the option to be easily scaled up using the same validated fluid contact materials. Another use is live cell transfer, for which process integrity via visual status indication, the maintenance of cell viability through low-shear pumping, zero contamination, and rapid fluid transfer are important. Pump accuracy and gentle handling are crucial when harvesting or extracting proteins.

Source: WMFTG