LabVantage Solutions Now Offers LabVantage Enterprise SaaS

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The new LabVantage Enterprise SaaS adds full configurability and custom interfacing capabilities.

LabVantage Solutions’ new LabVantage Enterprise SaaS offering launched in September 2021 adds full configurability and custom interfacing capabilities, incorporating the advantages of the company’s standard software-as-a-service (SaaS) option. These new features allow laboratories to fully leverage the SaaS laboratory information management system (LIMS) to address their needs, the company stated in a Sept. 15, 2021, press release.

The standard LabVantage SaaS includes electronic lab notebook, laboratory execution system, and scientific data management system features hosted in a multi-tenant cloud environment for a fee. According LabVantage in its press release, the SaaS option eliminates the upfront capital and start-up costs of a conventional LIMS while providing access to the LabVantage LIMS via web browsers. The SaaS is scalable and includes regular software updates that are automatically implemented by LabVantage. LabVantage Enterprise SaaS includes a managed and monitored computing infrastructure, automatic software upgrades, and enterprise-grade features.

With its configurability and custom interfacing support, the new system enables modifications that can accommodate the needs of more complex companies. Interfacing with external software systems is supported and features that are specific to individual needs has been added. The system can also be modified as an organization’s requirements change over time. Compared to the standard SaaS, Enterprise SaaS is hosted in a single-tenant cloud environment, which provides an added layer of security and flexibility.

Both the standard LabVantage SaaS and Enterprise SaaS solutions can be maintained by LabVantage for regulated industries that require a validated system. Maintenance can be implemented in a controlled and compliant manner, which provides evidence of installation qualification, testing, and change control.


“The standard LabVantage SaaS is a very popular option that works well for many customers; however, we have received many requests to go beyond the restrictions of a standard SaaS solution and offer a more configurable, flexible SaaS LIMS that allows organizations to fully configure and create customized system interfaces able to meet their specific needs,” said Robert Voelkner, LabVantage vice-president, Sales and Marketing, in the press release.

“We have developed the right balance with LabVantage Enterprise SaaS, keeping much of the simplicity, efficiency, and ease of use of the cloud-based standard SaaS approach, while adding abundant opportunities for the configurability and interfacing that allow customers to get the most value from their LIMS. It is noteworthy too that both our standard and Enterprise SaaS options can be maintained as a validated solution. Thanks to the creativity and innovative efforts of our stellar LabVantage team, we are proud to be the first and only company to offer a full featured, Enterprise SaaS LIMS system,” Voelkner added.

Source: LabVantage Solutions