Keynote Minitablets Manufacturing Characterization Methods and Future Opportunities

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Keynote SeriesPharmaceutical Technology is sponsoring a sponsoring a Keynote Series session on innovations in solid dosage development and manufacturing on the INTERPHEX 2016 Exhibit Hall Innovation Stage. Admission is free to any attendee with an exhibit hall pass.

Tuesday, April 26
Innovations in Solid Dosage Development and Manufacturing
Oral solid-dosage forms are the leading drug delivery method, but new development and manufacturing technologies are offering new options for patients. Experts will discuss advances in new solid dosage forms.

2:20–2:50 pm
Minitablets: Manufacturing, Characterization Methods and Future Opportunities
The use of a multiparticulate-based system can be beneficial in designing a patient-centric dosage form; one such dosage form is minitablets, which are compressed tablets with typical diameters of two to four millimeters.  Minitablets have many applications, including as a pediatric dosage form, for patients with dysphagia, and where rapid and/or flexible dose adjustments are needed including combination therapies.  Variations of the tablet formulation and coating systems can also deliver dosage forms with specific functionalities such as orally disintegrating tablets (ODTs), extended release formulations, or GI-targeted systems.  The manufacturing techniques used to produce minitablet-based dosage forms are essentially the same as the processes employed in pharmaceutical manufacturing of larger tablet images.  However, due their unique size, some adjustments and special considerations to the manufacturing techniques and analytical tests may be required.  Case studies dealing with some of these considerations will be discussed here, along with current thoughts and perspectives of the challenges and opportunities of using minitablets.

Francis J. Flanagan Jr., Associate Principal Scientist, Preclinical Development, Merck & Co. Inc.
Varsha Biyyala, Sr. Scientist, Formulation Sciences, Merck & Co. Inc.

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