J.T.Baker Robotic Tips from Avantor Offer Precision Workflow

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Avantor’s newly unveiled J.T.Baker robotic tips is the latest in their line of automated precision plastics.

Avantor’s new J.T.Baker robotic tips, a series of robotic tips designed for use in robotic liquid handling and research workstations launched in July 2021, are designed for a range of applications, including genomics, cell biology, and proteomic workflows. They come in two formats: conductive and clear.

The conductive tips are designed to minimize downtime and keep operations running smoothly. Small liquid volumes can be sampled with high precision and without contamination. Additionally, the Hamilton and Tecan-type tips can be used in many robotic stations.

The clear tips are built for both sample preparation and drug discovery applications. Because these tips are transparent, users can visually recognize when the product is foaming for sampling purposes.

The J.T.Baker robotic tips are the latest in Avantor’s line of automated precision plastics, and one of the first to be announced following the company’s recent acquisition of Germany-based Ritter (and affiliates), a manufacturer of high-quality robotic and liquid handling consumables, including conductive pipette tips, in June 2021. Each batch is independently tested to make sure there are no contaminants such as DNase, RNase, amphipathic tail-anchoring peptide, and pyrogens.


“Our new, high-quality J.T.Baker robotic tips help researchers get the reliable, repeatable results required to keep critical life sciences work moving forward,” said Rohit Shroff, senior vice-president of Global Lab Products at Avantor, in a July 12, 2021 company press release. Our tips provide customers the precision and reliability they need to support their dynamic requirements.”

Source: Avantor