IQVIA Launches IQVIA Biotech, Dedicated to Emerging Biotech and Biopharma Industry

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Company launches new services dedicated to emerging biotech and biopharma companies.

On Feb. 4, 2018, IQVIA announced the launch of IQVIA Biotech, a service dedicated to providing solutions to emerging biotech and biopharma companies. The company also launched a new approach to delivering tailored clinical and commercial solutions for these companies.

This solutions suite is supported by more than 1000 dedicated employees and will deliver simplified operating procedures, specialized teams, and services to provide a more agile way for innovators to reach their drug development and commercialization milestones. The service is available from the initial planning stage to trial design and implementation to market launch and commercialization.

“We designed this comprehensive solutions suite to address what our biotech customers were asking for-transparent and fit-for-purpose clinical processes with dedicated, therapeutically-aligned partners coupled with our unique set of enterprise capabilities,” said CEO and chairman of IQVIA, Ari Bousbib, in a company press release. “Those end-to-end capabilities include the analytics, technology, and human capital clients need to smartly plan the launch and commercialization pre- and post-approval of their products, and the real-world evidence needed to support pricing, safety, compliance, and regulatory requirements.”

IQVIA’s novel solutions incorporate real-world evidence resources, advanced analytics, and transformative technology to drive efficiencies and innovation. The company’s IQVIA Biotech team can address specific needs at each milestone on the clinical development path and on the pre- and post-approval commercialization path. Key therapy areas for IQVIA Biotech include oncology, central nervous system, dermatology, cardiovascular, and immunology, among others.


“Biotech companies are advancing the drug development pipeline forward, and when they succeed, we all succeed,” said Richard Staub, president, Research & Development Solutions at IQVIA, in the press release. “By launching IQVIA Biotech as the first-of-its kind global business, we can support biotech clients with local teams and our full suite of capabilities from molecule to market.”

Source: IQVIA